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Frequently Asked Questions - Here is a list of frequently asked questions and information that you may find useful. I try to be as strait forward as possible so there are no misconceptions.

General Questions

1We have an engagement shoot with our package, when is the latest we can do it before our wedding?
2We don't know where we would like to do our engagement photos, can you help us out?
3We are getting married at a new venue in San Diego, have you ever shot there?
4The venue we are getting married at requires you to have insurance, do you have a policy?
5We are debating on having an inside or outside reception, what are your thoughts?
6What equipment do you use?

Pre Wedding

1It's a month before our wedding, do we need to get together to go over anything?
2Our wedding is in a couple days and we haven't picked our 11x14 engagement print, can we still order it?
3Our wedding is in November after daylights savings time, will that be a problem?
4It's daylights savings time and the venue scheduled our ceremony for 5:00PM...They said twilight pictures are great, what do you think?

Post Wedding

1It's two days after our wedding, should I call you and see what the status of our photos are?
2OK, so how long until I can see my photos?
3So, how many images can I expect to get?
4The photos in the blog are amazing, are all 800 or 1000 of my images going to look just like that?
5I don't understand, don't you just burn them on disk?


1I've been looking around at other photographers and none of them give the disk, do you provide us with the disk!!
2We love your work and we would love for you to shoot our wedding, how much is the deposit?
3My wedding is over a year away, how soon should I book you?
4I am so excited to book you guys to shoot my wedding, I have the contract, can I wait a month or so to get you the signed contract and deposit?


1My uncle Bob just bought a really nice Canon Rebel XTI from Costco, we can just have him shoot the reception?
2Well, I was thinking of having disposable cameras at each table, I was going to have my guests cover the reception.
3Maybe I can have my cousins video tape my ceremony.
4Fine, I hired a professional videographer, is there anything else I should be aware of?
5I have met with a few photographers and they all seem good, how do I really know?